Having trained in a traditional bespoke tailors in Liverpool. Rhys Jones

gained his experience starting as a tailoring apprentice then working his way up to then run the cities oldest and most highly regarded tailors in the north west. He prided himself in making the finest quality handmade garments and had a huge interest in using some of the rarest cloths from Britain and Italy.The decision finally came to launch his own tailoring company of which he had 100% creative control and ensured each and every garment met his exact and meticulous standards for providing some of the most exquisite garments which rivalled against the quality made on Savile Row, London. After all, dressing well is a form of good manners.


Rhys knew that the only way to build an unparalleled reputation is to

build a team surrounded by some of the finest tailors in Britain and with a combined experience of over 250 years. Naturally this ensured that every single Rhys Jones & Co client gets the best when it comes to knowledge and craftsmanship.


“I must admit, I massively underestimated the hard work it takes into

running my own business and building a reputation. It has been some of the hardest years of my life, but I’ve loved, nearly, every minute! Its a privilege to be in a position were I genuinely could not be more proud of the product we are offering to our clients.” Rhys Jones, Owner, Rhys Jones & Co.

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Since the business was established, Rhys has had the honour to make

his garments for World Champion Boxers, Professional Football Players, Lords and Knights of the Garter but it is the “normal” person like us that we love more than anything to make for.

“There is no feeling like it when a client makes the decision to

commission us to make for them. When it actually means something to

have a garment made and not just another item of clothing. It truly is the highest privilege."