Racks of cloth awaiting tailor : Bespoke Tailoing in Liverpool from Rhys Jones & Co.

Tailoring Reimagined 

We pride ourselves in handcrafting the highest quality bespoke garments, allowing us to provide the best bespoke suits Liverpool has to offer. Each piece of your pattern is hand-cut to ensure a truly unforgettable fit. 


We have always prided ourselves in have handcrafted some of the most exquisite garments made outside of Savile Row.

Our Process: 

"Its hard to be unimpressed by the miracle of tailoring: how a set of figures read off a measuring tape and translated into a paper pattern, becomes something that almost lives - a second skin in which to feel supremely comfortable"  Mr Nick Foulkes 

Man being measured for a bspoke sui. Tailor Rhy Jones with tape measure.

In the comfort of your home or office we will bring along samples from some of the worlds most exclusive cloth merchants, mills and lining makers. We design and make products totally unique to accompany our clients lifestyle and tastes.

A suit that is handmade for you is one of a kind. The only limit is your imagination. 

First Fitting 

Your first fitting will usually take place 4 weeks after your consultation. We will visit you to try on a basic fitting so we can determine fit preferences, style options and your preferred cut. It is at this stage a client and cutter relationship is essential to achieving the perfect suit. 

Stitching of a handmade suit : Rhys Jones Bespoke Tailor, Liverpool.
Man standing in private library, consulting with bespoke tailor. Rhy Jones &Co, Liverpool.

Second Fitting 

After your garment has been totally recut by one of our tailors we will perform a second fitting using the measurements, posture and figurations we took from you on your second fitting. We will again note adjustments we need to make to your patten to ensure the perfect fit and bring it back to our workshop to perform the relevant alterations. 

Final Fitting

Most clients require two to three fittings to ensure the correct fit but rest assured, we will perform as much fittings as is necessary to ensure the desired fit for our clients.