Tailoring, a true art form passed through the generations priding itself in the best human hands can make. There a few processes today that have changed so little compared to handcrafting a bespoke lounge suit. 

We have always prided ourselves in handcrafting some of the most exquisite made to measure suits outside of Savile Row.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." 

Gentlemanman in private library talking to his personal tailor. Rhys Jones & Co, bespoke tailor, Liverpool
Man in private library being measured for a besopke suit by Rhys Jones, Liverpool Tailor

We could never imagine allowing something which bears our label leaving our workroom that is anything other than perfection but perfection is something that take time, love and care. We can only guarantee perfect when each and every step of the process is performed to a perfect standard.  One process which is not which not provide a perfect suit. 

When growing the business we had to look into the pro's and con's of real bespoke. Taking into consideration the cost it demands and the time it takes. We then took over two years exploring another service that we can offer. Maintaining a garment made to impeccable standards but which a shorter lead-time and price. 

Gentleman in private library being measured for a besopke suit by Rhys Jones, Merseyside Tailor
Tailor's cloth samples open on table with drinks in background. Rhys Jones, Bespoe Tailor of Liverpool.

We then released our semi bespoke service. A garment made using over 35 measurements and made with over 20,000 hand-stitches by a family run tailoring house in southern Italy whom far exceeds 150 years of tailoring knowledge. 

Still, a garment that fits impeccably but is made in a different way. We could never dream of stopping to offer our full bespoke service but for our cliental who needs a garment within 8 weeks our semi bespoke range is something of which can only be admired.