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Art Gallery 

Dogtooth Galleries specialises in contemporary artists and is designed to be an innovative open space to support and showcase the work of exciting, emerging and established artists from the UK and across the globe. Dogtooth discovers the new generation of artistic talent in a relaxed art surrounding and is driven to give our artists the best exposure and our clients the best service and experience.

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Handcrafted Footwear

There has never been an option where you can design your own trainer or shoe which is completely a one off. We usually have to choose from set styles from brands where anybody can go online and buy an identical set. This is where Wholecut was created.

It has taken months of painful development before we got to the position to be able to offer an online 3D platform for our clients to use. Believe it or not, that was the easy part. It was trying to find master shoemakers that can make our footwear to the right standards, which proved to be extremely difficult.



Specialist Knitwear

Parsons are small independent family business specialising in handcrafted luxury knitwear. Designed by specialist artisans, they provide products for all season round wear to any gentleman. 

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